Young Adult Planning

The holidays are upon us. This means getting together with family and friends to celebrate the many things for which we are thankful and to exchange gifts. I am excited to have my daughter home from college. Even though she is 20, I still consider her my responsibility. I am supporting her through college, paying for her tuition and other needs. This includes her healthcare.


But did you know that without the proper documentation in place, she could be in the emergency room or hospital and neither I nor my husband would have any right to speak with her caregivers? We might not even be given access to her if she is unable to give her consent or if the ER is so crazy the caregivers don't have time to get her consent. She would be responsible for making medical decisions for herself. Now, my daughter - quite frankly - would no idea what to do or say. She would want my husband and I would to make these decisions for her; however, sometimes logistics in an emergency room or hospital don't make such consults possible. But, because my daughter has signed the proper documentation, I can maneuver through the system and ultimately gain access to my daughter, her healthcare providers, and her situation.

So how can you help your young adult child? If you are a young adult, how can you help yourself? Put into place a HIPAA release, a Medical Power of Attorney, and (to round out your ability to fully help your young adult), a Statutory Durable Power of Attorney. Having these documents in place will allow you to help the young adults you love as they begin navigating adulthood.

Whether you are the parent of a young adult or you are a young adult, we can help you get these document put into place for you. Use the time you have during the holidays with your child or your parents to discuss the need for these documents. Click on the Start Planning button or call our office at 512-649-2300 to begin the process.