Who Needs A Will?

Full disclosure. We are estate planning attorneys.  It is in our best interest to tell you that everyone needs a will.  But guess what?  It's true. Everyone needs a will. And if we are being honest with you (which we are!), everyone already has a will. The question is - who wrote their will?  If you have not signed a will, the answer is this – your state legislature wrote it. 

Why does this matter? Because you should have control over what happens to your hard-earned assets - not some politicians.  You take valuable time to work with financial advisors, accountants, and insurance agents to discuss, research, and select the best investment strategies.  You talk about you goals for retirement, and you may be charitably minded.   But does your state-written will reflect your goals for disposing of your assets and taking care of your family after your death? Do you even know what the state laws say regarding the disposition of your estate?

All the hard work you have put into your businesses, families, and investment portfolios deserves to be honored with an estate plan that matches your goals. You are busy, and if you do not personally know an estate planning attorney, finding one can be a huge stumbling block to completing the process.  If you (or a family member or friend) does not already have a relationship with an estate planning attorney, we would be happy to talk with you about our estate planning philosophy.