I’m a divorcee, a single mom, and struggle with autoimmune disorders.  Why share all of that at the get-go?  Because you need to know that I can relate when life throws you unexpected curveballs.  It’s through my own experiences and previous career as a social worker that I find estate planning and probate work the perfect area of law for my skill set.  I prefer hugs over handshakes, and believe that I’m probably a more effective lawyer in jeans versus a stuffy suit (don’t worry . . . suits only in the courtroom!).  I love discovering the commonalities and diversity in the human experience.  It’s a privilege to learn about your family and life journey as we work together to create your personalized estate plan or navigate the probate process.  I’m hoping we can connect soon!





I'm a wife and a mom. And I'm a lawyer. Why did I put it in this order? Because it's this order - wife, mother, lawyer - that guides me in my work. Family is very important to me. I've been married for a really long time to a really great guy and we have two really great daughters. I value relationships and take the time to get to know my clients. So while we will get to the business at hand, we will also chat about your family, your work, your hobbies and your interests. It's important to me that I understand as much as you will allow me to know about you and your family so I can guide you through the issues that are important to you. Oh, I was also a high school English teacher way back when, so it's in my DNA to answer your questions and help you understand. I am licensed in Texas and Illinois. While I am taking a step back from the everyday practice of law to pursue philanthropy work, I am happy to introduce my clients to Leanne and serve as a liaison between you. Always feel free to reach out to me for a visit!